Why people need hair transplantation?

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Human hair purpose is to protect human skin

As long as the humanity exists, we manage to develop vanity along with the health activities. Today both things are connected together. We want to have thick, dense hair not because it will protect better our scalp but because it will make us prettier. Have you seen a bald princess? No? Yes, she will be an unrepresentative princess. That’s why people want to have maximum long hair with maximum strong hair follicles. If they don’t have it, start to feel not enough beautiful or successful. Sometimes this can affect their social life or their self-esteem, sometimes — both. It is true that on the web there are plenty of homemade masks and remedies which promise their clients to have a Rapunzel hair. Guess what — they don’t work. If they have some effect, it is partial and temporal. All people who have ever wanted to improve their hair condition, at least once have tried to homemade hair mask. Of course, the process is long and if eggs are included, and they are included in most of the homemade masks recipes — smelly. However, people soon or later realize that hair needs professional care. It doesn’t matter if you need your hair to be thickened or grow faster, Follicle hair centre will offer you a procedure suitable for your hair and scalp. You don’t have to worry that you are doing something wrong at home (using eggs) because professionals who work in Follicle have a lot of experience with every popular hair treatment including hair transplantation.

Usually, men suffer from hair loss or at least most people think this way.

Unfortunately, women are affected, too. More than half men in the world are bald, or they will be until their 30s. According to research, women are only 10%. These numbers explain why men consider hair transplantation for the most popular plastic surgery. At least once, during lifetime every man has used a shampoo against hair loss. Probably not all of them are bad, but they just clean existing hair and make it dense and with more volume, but they can’t do anything with growing a new hair. Everything that is promised on the package is conditional.



The best way to increase the quantity of your hair is hair transplantation in Singapore.

Only this procedure will give you a warranty that you will have new follicles and new hair. This is the reason why most patients who suffer hair loss select this procedure. At first, hair implants were created for men but now there are plenty new methods that are suitable for women, too. The procedure itself is harvesting follicles from a healthy area and inserts them in the bald area. Because these hair units are from patient’s body, there is nothing unnatural in this procedure. The tool which is used to harvest them at the beginning is really thin and sharp, so it doesn’t leave visible scars. Patients are under local anaesthesia during this procedure because they should lie down calmly. The length of the procedure is several hours due to the delicacy of the procedure.

Successful results depend on the experience of the hair transplantation specialist and his team.

Although right after the procedure most of the units fall, soon after that they start growing up again. Final results are visible after a year, but they are permanent. So if you are looking for a long-term decision for your hair loss, you should check for salon in Singapore. Specialists, there will make you hair diagnosis and then will recommend your treatment. Finding what the mineral structure of the hair is essential for successful results.