Why do we age? How do Ellanse fillers help?

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As we age, a lot of changes occur in our bodies. Our hair loses color and becomes thinner and lighter. Our faces become more wrinkled and tired-looking. Sometimes our eyes are hidden below loose skin from the upper eyelids. We look old because certain substances run out from our body. We wear out our organism and materials in it. Our cells start to miss water, collagen and other essential parts which have kept them young and fresh. What is our response? Of course, we love our fresh look. We built our society on the idea of young and fresh people. Have you seen an old princess? NO! If we want to be princesses and queens, we shall look amazing! Wrinkles stop us from the looking spectacular. Most women hate them so much that their self-esteem decreased inversely to the number of their wrinkles. As you can imagine, everyone is fighting against wrinkles with every possible tool.

Most people start with creams and serums.

Unfortunately, creams don’t help a lot with wrinkles and skin imperfections are too deep. We are so happy that today fillers are already invented and people can use them to fight against ageing. Ellanse fillers have natural look and healthy impact on our skin. Ellanse fillers can be used in multiple areas — face, decolletage, hands, and feet. They can improve volume in every part of the face including chin, cheeks, and nose and smokers lines. Dr. Israr Wong recommends before deciding what you want to improve with Ellanse fillers to book a consultation and to discuss with your specialist possible results. A lot of people have expectations that in reality will make them look unnatural and strange. This is the reason why everything should widely discuss before the treatment.

Sometimes people enter a clinic with the desire to change their chin but what is need of improvement are their cheeks, for example. Most people can’t determine properly the symmetry of their faces and what effect will have Ellanse filler. The difference between Ellanse and other fillers is the length of the effect. There are several types according to how long do you want to effect to be visible. Of course, the price is different, too.

During the treatment, local anaesthesia is used but it will last for a short period after the end of the treatment, too. Because of it, patients feel their faces numb. This is the typical reaction to the anaesthesia and there is nothing to worry about. It is possible to have some internal inflammation and water. Both things are caused by the activity of the hyaluronic acid and have a temporal effect. Really important is to avoid applying a makeup right after the procedure. You have to watch your face swelling and bruising several days. Don’t worry it won’t be too much so you could still go out and have a social life.

The best advantage of Ellanse dermal fillers is the possibility of seeing the result right after the procedure, explaining Dr Israr Wong. Your surgeon will want to take pictures of you and you should let him or her. Another great advantage is that this filler stimulates the body to produce more collagen sо you can think of it as an inner medicine.

The ellanse filler will give your skin collagen which was lost during the ageing process.

The price of Ellanse filler is £350 but have in mind that very often the procedure has to be repeated at least once. This price is different according to the clinic and the surgeon but you shouldn’t choose the cheapest one. Very often cheaper things have some disadvantages so you should not take risks with your beauty.