Which one is the best HSBC credit card?

HSBC Revolution Credit Card
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Credit cards are a convenient way of paying for things when you don’t have enough money. If your money is your resources, then credit cards are something like cheating and showing you have more than in reality, you have. While banks do this from their perspective from ages, personal users receive the opportunity to do it quite recently. The big advantage is that every credit card comes with some additional benefits because banks are in competition one with another. You can use credit card wedding promotion for your wedding reception or some aesthetic treatment like a thermage facelift. Almost all of the banks target the same group of people – working class middle age. This way the market is limited and banks have to offer more than money and lower interest rate. Often they offer benefits, rebates and promotions just to distract you from the feeling you get a credit and your interest rate is huge.

However, today we will take a gander at HSBC credit card promotions because thanks to them HSBC cards are so popular. They have three different cards offering a different range of HSBC rewards.

HSBC advance credit card.

HSBC advance card is a great choice for people who travel worldwide because it has up to 3.5% cashback on spending overseas. The card has free offers for dining so it is a good choice for people who love to eat outside, too. HSBC advance credit card has up to 14% Shell petrol discount and up to 16% Caltex petrol discount. If you are wondering what is the minimum spend to get your cashback – there is no any.

What should you know before applying for HSBC advance credit card?

People who apply for it should have minimal income from $30,000. If they are foreigners, their minimal income raises to $40,000. There are two cards – principal and supplementary. Both don’t have annual fell the first year, but principal HSBC card has $192.60 from the second. HSBC credit card promotion is $50 cashback for existing cardholders who have spent at least $600 the first month. People will get their 3.5% cash back if they spend min $2,000 every month, otherwise, the cashback is 1.5%. if you pat with HSBC card banking or insurance taxes then you won’t get cashback at all.

HSBC visa platinum credit card.

HSBC visa platinum card is the second great choice. It has 5% rebate on your bills, like TV, Internet and mobile phone. This is a perfect credit card for people who hate to pay their mobile phone taxes. In addition, it has 5% rebate at local shops and 2% at restaurants. If you are wondering how you will get your rebate, it is automation and money will come into your account directly. Not only this HSBC card ha higher percentage of rebates but it has typical for HSBC credit card rewards. Earning points has never been easier because clients earn 1 point for every 1$ and they can use them for cashback, free dining or shopping. HSBC visa platinum credit card can get you up to 20.2% Caltex petrol discount and 18.3% Shell.

What should you know before applying for HSBC visa platinum credit card?

Everyone who applies for it should have minimal income more than $30,000 per year. If he or she is self-employed then the income should be more than $40,000 per year. First two years principal and supplementary cards are free but the third year principal card has $192.60 fee. Like HSBC advance credit card, this one has $50 HSBC card promotion for existing cardholders only if they spend more than $600 the first month. But if the client spends more than $400 he will receive 3% rebate on local shopping.

HSBC revolution card.

HSBC revolution is another reasonable option for people who want to have an HSBC card. Spending money and earning points are siblings and this HSBC card proves it. People earn 5 points if they shop in local shops and eat in local restaurants. 5 points are equal to $1 so it is a good deal. Otherwise, for $1 they win 1 point which is not bad, too. Later points can be converted into vouchers, meals, drinks and goods. If you want big discounts for petrol probably this HSBC card is not the right for you – here, you have only up to 14% Shell petrol discount and 16% Caltex. In addition, you can earn 5 points if you buy online a ticket for a flight, book a reservation for a hotel or a restaurant. The best part of HSBC credit card rewards is the points you can earn from local pubs and bars.

What you have to know if you want HSBC revolution card?

Minimal income is $30,000, like other HSBC cards. Of course, if you are a foreigner, requested minimal outcome will be $40,000. Like other cards, the supplementary card doesn’t have an annual fee, but the principal one has $160.50 for the third year. HSBC credit card promotion is given to new cardholders. If you are a new one then you will get $50 cashback when you spend $600 first 30 days. Have in mind that points are valid three years only. If you don’t spend them they will vanish.