What is the cost of cataract surgery in Singapore?

cataract surgery

Many people are diagnosed with cataract and unfortunately, the only possible treatment is the surgery. We all know that surgeries are not cheap but when it comes to health some sacrifices should be made. Let`s discuss how much one patient will have to pay for cataract surgery in Singapore. Have in mind that the prices vary because different doctors have different fees. However, we will give you an idea of the cost of cataract surgery thanks to AsiaRetina information. Keep reading to find out more.

What does the cost consist?

Intraocular lens implant

Cataract surgery is a type of surgery where the surgeon uses lens. So first important thing for the doctor to determine before the price is what type of intraocular lens he will use for the surgery. They cost differently. In addition, there are several methods for the technology of the surgery and the cost differently also. The last things which matter are the experience of the team and their fees. When you sum up all these things, you will end up with the final cost.

Let’s find out more about different technologies for cataract surgeries. The oldest one is the cheapest one – standard monofocal IOL. Patients pay less for it but it is not as refined as others. Other methods are IOL for astigmatism, presbyopia-correcting IOL and laser cataract surgery. All of them are more expensive than the standard procedure. So if you need one of them, additional costs will be applied.

  • Standard procedure for one eye – $3,600;
  • Cataract surgery with astigmatism correction – $5,000;
  • ┬áCataract surgery with presbyopia correction – $6,000.

Is it possible for your insurance to pay for cataract surgery?

Yes, but you have to check it with your insurance company. Most people want to get rid of their glasses if they have cataract surgery so they are ready to pay for the advance procedure just to be sure that the results will be optimal. However, insurance companies won`t pay more than basic surgery so patients have to pay the difference.

What is the cost of laser cataract surgery?

Cost of laser cataract surgery

Laser beams are more precise than manual interaction. The ophthalmologist might use a laser for the part of the surgery. The advantages are that the procedure is easier and the stress for the eye is less. Laser cataract surgery might be a combo with astigmatism correcting and presbyopia-correcting. The cost of using a laser instead of manual interaction is $1,000. Some surgeons charge a little bit more but it is less than $2,000.

Another thing that might be corrected thanks to the laser beam is astigmatism. Femtosecond laser costs $1,000 – $1,500. Another procedure that corrects astigmatism is LRI (Limbal relaxing incisions). Its price is $1,400 for both eyes.

How much are the hospital fee and doctor fee for cataract surgery?

It really depends on the hospital but you can prepare around $1500. If it is more than that probably your hospital is too expensive. Doctor fee depends on the experience of the surgeon and his team. In addition, it depends on the country where the doctor practices. For example, Singapore is a little bit expensive country but it offers a good quality medical services. That`s why you shouldn`t choose the cheapest but the best quality. Don`t forget that your vision is on the stake. Average doctor fee is $3,000 so the total cost of cataract surgery in Singapore, according to AsiaRetina, is less than $5,000.

If you think that cataract surgery is not so important, think again. Almost 80% of people who are 60 years old have worsened vision because of cataracts. Cataract surgery might help most of them to preserve their vision. That`s why insurance companies have added the surgery in their services.