Types of water dispenser filters

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Types of water dispenser filters
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At the market, there are various models and types of water dispensers so if you have to choose one for your home or office, you probably have seen the diversity. Making the best choice is not easy, although this is a topic for water dispensers, there are still things that you should take into consideration. First, you should make a list of your requirements because this will narrow the options to a few.

What should you consider before buying a water dispenser?

First, think about what features you would like your filtered water dispenser to have. Some dispensers have displays and fancy buttons while others are simply functional. If you are looking for your home it will be a good idea to see how much space you have available for the new machine. In addition, if you have kids you will have to take one with lock mechanism because kids could burn themselves with the hot water. If you are choosing a dispenser for office then you should take one with cold and hot water option. Providing different drinks is what people in the office probably will need to have this in mind.

Another thing you should consider is using a direct line or a jug on the top of the dispenser. If you are planning to install a filtered water dispenser in your home then a direct line probably is the best option. The water comes from your pipes and enters into the filtration system. You don’t have to take care of anything. If you are planning to use it in your office probably, the best idea is to install a water dispenser with a water jug. Both types of water dispensers could be found in Triplelifestyle.com.sg.

What types of water dispensers exist?



Top and bottom water dispensers are suitable for rooms where there are no pipes and sink. For example, if you want to make your waiting room more comfortable, you might choose this one. You can easily order different water jugs and change them easily.

Freestanding water dispensers are suitable for fewer people because they are limited as a quantity of the water they provide. They have water jugs, too but smaller in size.

Wall mounted are suitable for homes because you can easily install them to the pipe system. Wall mounted and countertop mounted use tap water and filter it. Both types of filtered water dispensers are mounted off the floor. The first one is installed under the sink so it is invisible while the second one could be positioned onto the counter. They are special types because the water is not limited and big families and big offices can use it. Of course, plumbing hook should be available.

Amazing type of water filtered dispenser is an alkaline filter. They make water with higher pH which is healthy for our metabolism and digestion. There are certain tests that show more effects that are positive but most of them are not proven. However, we already know that higher pH means fewer infections and less acidic environment so it is a good start.

What type should I choose?

This is a tough question and we can’t answer instead of you. The best advice is to write down how big space you have available, how many people will drink it from it and what you will expect and then choose the most suitable variation. We promise you, you won’t regret that you have a filtered water dispenser.