Thermage Facelift in Singapore

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Most people in Singapore have a delicate skin. Most people all over the world don’t have time to take proper care of their skin daily. Combine those 2 things and you will get the idea why people search for a fast method to preserve their youth and fresh look. Ages are changing but the good look is still important. People still listen more carefully good-looking and attractive people. Part of attractiveness is a beautiful face and tight skin. A facelift is a popular surgery among people who are over 50 years old.

Younger people who don’t have enough collagen in their skin will experience wrinkles and eye bags. Although some of them want to start with a surgical facelift at a younger age, most avoid it. For them, specialists have created thermage facelift like this one described in Dr Cy Chua Thermage Facelift, which is a non-surgical treatment without incisions.

Why Singaporeans need a facelift at first?

Collagen is the main thing that helps skin to stay tight. Aging affects many parts of our lives and one of them is our appearance. The water in cells decreases, collagen vanishes, and the result is droopy skin. No one wants to look old so facelift has its own role.

What thermage facelift exactly is?

As you may know, thermage facelift uses radio frequency to straight the skin. Heat from the radio frequency improves skins and turns back the fresh look. It can remodel collagen in the inner layers of the skin. Although it sounds painful, it is not at all. Patients report that there is more like discomfort instead of pain. The best part is that there are not visible scars from incisions because there are no incisions at all. Thermage facelift is 100% non-invasion procedure and there is no downtime after it.

What are the suitable areas for a thermage facelift?

Almost every part of the face where the skin has loosened is suitable for the thermage facelift. This procedure can treat wrinkles on the neck, forehead, around the lips, and even tummy. Jaw sagging is a bad one although most people have at least 2 mimic wrinkles around their lips. These are the two most popular wrinkles in the world and radio frequency can straight them easily. Another popular place is a forehead where wrinkles are too obvious. Women usually hide them with makeup and highlighting. Cheeks lose volume during aging but with persistent work, this effect can be reversed.

How does thermage works?

The device uses a radio frequency and effects deep layers in the skin. Epidermis stays untouched so you don’t have to worry about that. Radiofrequency manages to shape a collagen and stimulate the body to produce more. Of course, this process is not a few seconds long – it takes time. The dermatologist will apply a numb cream on treated areas so the discomfort is reduced to zero.

Thermage facelift in Singapore has a better effect on people who need a small amount of collagen, only. For example, if you are in your 30s, the chance you need a big amount of collagen is minimal. People who are younger and their skin is in good condition accomplish better results with this treatment. People who are in their 50s, for example, can notice a slight chance and their choice should be a surgical facelift. Another good practice is combining a thermage facelift with dermal fillers. This improvement lasts longer and the patient has the opportunity to make bigger changes in her or his appearance. Finding a good dermatologist is important, too. Knowing that you are in the best hands gives you 100% proof that you will get exactly the results you want.