Strange methods to fight with acne

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Almost 1/3 of people have acne or some acne scars that are signs of previous struggle with this unpleasant skin defect. Probably, you have noticed that for the most popular health problems have most treatments. Acne scars and acne is on this list and there are more than 200 treatments that are said to be useful. Alongside traditional treatments, there are alternative methods that could surprise you with their functionality. If you haven’t read about acne treatments, this article about laser acne treatments from Centre For Cosmetic Singapore will be extremely useful for you. However, this article here will focus more on the things you can do yourself in order to fight acne at home and what other people around the world do to treat acne.

What are the most interesting acne treatment methods around the world?

Have you heard of a virus that is able to cure the acne?

Yes, scientists work on the experiments where viruses are programmed to kill a certain bacteria. This is part of modern research that aims to make a fight with different viruses easier. Surprisingly, first attempts show significant results where the virus kills not only acne bacteria but sub-varieties, too. Of course, scientists need time to improve the method and to test if there are some negative side effects before allowing people to use it freely. However, 100% this is a very strange method for coping with acne and acne scars.

Do you like the smell of garlic?

Garlic against acne is something new as treatment. People who are fond of home remedies have lists with foods that can improve the health condition of your skin and on the top of the list stays garlic. Garlic has anti-oxidant properties and provokes the immune system to work harder. The result is an immune response to the acne bacteria and unclogged pores. If you have ever suffered from black dots you will appreciate the magic of the garlic. You will appreciate the smell, too. Unfortunately, this is something inevitable.

Have you heard of turmeric?

Turmeric is another ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties. It can cure inflammation externally, like a mix of lemon juice and internally. A great method is to apply it with milk instead of lemon juice. If you experiencing hard times finding turmeric, try finding a turmeric powder.

Have you tried to apply vitamins on your acne?

If you haven’t, today is a good day to start. Skin needs vitamin A to cope with inflammation and you can help it when applying an apricot slice on your face. Yep, it sounds strange and uncomfortable. If you feel it will be too hard to stay steady with slices, you can mash them. The best thing about apricots is that they contain antioxidants. Other great vitamins you can use are vitamin E and zinc. You can find them in a pharmacy.



Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root is a great tool if you have an acne and want to get rid of it permanently. Of course, finding marshmallow root is not easy and that’s why this treatment is not so popular. Tannins are the most important things in the root and it is the reason for healing properties. If you apply it on your skin, it can reduce the redness and the ache. There are some claims that it can help if you apply it internally, too.

Laser treatment for curing acne

Surprise, lasers are used for healing. Have you seen those lasers in the movies where people use them as a gun – they have nothing in common with these in medical centres. Laser treatment for acne scars is a new and very useful method. Laser beam targets inner deeper skin layers and provokes an immune response from the body. Skin receives signals that something is not right and starts to produce more collagen. Results are smoother skin, more collagen and even tone.