Plastic surgeon in Singapore?

Dr Samuel Ho
Plastic surgeon in Singapore?
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Singapore is a big developing country and diversity of careers is evolving, too. 20 years ago there are 16 doctors per 10,000 people, today this number is more than 20. In addition, good surgeons, anaesthetists and general practices have created a generation of professional healthcare professionals that offer high-quality healthcare services. Aesthetic medicine is just a part of the medicine but if you haven’t lived in a cave, you probably know that Singapore has the best surgeons.

Most plastic surgeons in Singapore have received their education not only in Singapore but worldwide, like Dr Samuel Ho – the owner of Allure Plastic Surgery. He has created one of the best clinics for aesthetic medicine in Singapore thanks to his experience and professional qualities. Let’s find out how he has done it.

First, he built a brand not only a clinic

Dr Samuel Ho has chosen to be a plastic surgeon because patients need more than just surgery. Often they need a way out of their low self-esteem and a certain procedure is able to give it to them. Many women after their pregnancy need their body back without all the cellulite and stretch marks. Women can be interesting creatures that might adore their bodies and hate them at the same time. Of course, causing such a conflict will turn into a big problem for self-esteem. In Allure plastic surgery, there are numerous procedures for improving post-pregnancy body, like breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, etc.

Become an expert

You can’t be the best except you know a lot. It is not about knowing everything because no one is capable of that. Knowing enough from your medical area immediately will make you an expert. For example, Dr Samuel Ho has an award from the College of Surgeons, Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship, and MOH Health and Manpower Development Program. As you may see, awards make him special. Awards, of course, are not everything but they are inevitable if you become an expert. People will notice it and will give you prizes.

Don’t stop learning

There is nothing worse than thinking that you have already know everything. Too much confidence is not a friend of a good plastic surgeon. Almost every month somewhere in the world is being held a conference or training and you have to be in most of them if you want to develop your knowledge. In addition, staying in touch with your mentors will give you the ability to be the part of their cases. Don’t ignore your students and be there if they have a case for you. In other words, you have to be available for different consultations if you want to gain a lot of experience. Life is not long enough to know everything yourself so you should use your colleagues, students and mentors. A good plastic surgeon gain experience from every possible angle.

Don’t sell your goals and dreams

Plastic surgery has a tricky part. Imagine that you have a patient who wants to have a face of a cat. Actually, there are indeed cases like this one so this is not a fake situation. The plastic surgeon should explain to the patient that no matter what plastic surgery in Singapore is able to do it, this doesn’t mean it should do it. Plastic surgeons in Singapore try to find where the limit is and not to cross it. Partly, the bad glory of plastic surgery worldwide is because in the early ages surgeons didn’t put the limit. Of course, today the situation is completely different and plastic surgeons in Singapore follow the moral side.

Being a good plastic surgeon in Singapore is not easy because the competition is a big one but it is not an impossible mission. If you are good enough, you will be as good as Dr Samuel Ho is. Don’t forget to participate in pro bono cases, too. There are plenty of cases and even whole countries that need good plastic surgeons to provide quality surgeries. Non-profit cases will not make you poor so it is not a bad idea to have a few.