Let’s talk about knee replacement surgery

knee replacement surgery
Let’s talk about knee replacement surgery
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Like every other type of surgery, the knee replacement surgery is an invasive method for improving a painful condition. Knees are a big part of human mobility and that’s why everyone who has ever experienced some pain in that area knows how bad it could be. Most people think that ligament tear or sprained ankle will go away with time but this is not the truth.

What is the right time for knee replacement surgery?

If you are unable to move properly because of your knees then you should visit an orthopaedic surgeon. He or she will tell you what exactly is your condition and if your case is suitable for a knee replacement surgery. Singapore is famous for good orthopaedists so you are in good hands. Probably, he will want you to have an x-ray photo to see what exactly has happened with your bones and ligaments. That’s why there is no simple answer to this question.

How can I avoid the surgery?

Knee pain is not incurable so people daily try to relieve the pain with different methods. Some of them succeed while some of them look for a good surgeon who is able to solve their troubles once for all. However, treatments that are more famous include painkillers, physical exercises, acupuncture, etc. A common practice is to prescribe patients injections before they undergo the surgery. Injections include hyaluronic acid and steroids.

Is it a long surgery?

The procedure is a standard one. Usually, the surgeon makes an incision long 10 cm or more because the surgeon has to be able to reach damaged knee’s part. Sometimes the incision reaches more than 20 cm. The knee replacement surgery is long around 2 hours so it is not like brain surgery but it is not a short one, too. The surgeon will remove the kneecap and will fix the tissue under. Then, they insert one metal and one plastic part in the knee, move back the kneecap and close the wound. All the parts that are inserted into the human’s leg are compatible with human body so there is no risk for the patient. If you are curious about how surgeons stick the metal into the bones – they use cement. Another method includes using a porous coating, which is able to grow into the tissue. The patient is under an anaesthesia during the whole surgery. The type of the anaesthesia depends on the surgeon’s estimation. Don’t worry about it because daily there are hundreds of people who have it and wake up in a few hours after their procedures.

Is it a painful recovery?

Yes, it is but it is not intolerable. Usually, first few days after the knee replacement surgery in Singapore patients receive painkillers that help them cope with the pain. However, some patients who have recovered fully report that they experience slight pain almost a year after the procedure. They explained it more like inconvenience and discomfort than like pain. Unfortunately, physical activity should be limited until the knee is completely recovered otherwise it might ruin the results and a second surgery to be needed.

How long should I stay in the hospital and why?

You will wake up after the end of the surgery and you will see your leg with a bandage. Probably, your leg will be evaluated because of the blood. In addition, the nurse will give you antibiotics because it is a rule after every surgery. You might feel tired and sick from the anaesthesia but it is completely OK. A drain might be attached to your knee because due to the surgery there will be a lot of fluids and they shouldn’t stay in your body. The drain will help to get them out of you.

When will I be able to walk again?

Some people manage to get from the bed the very next day. However, most people do it in a three, four days. Physiotherapists will help you with exercises that will speed up the recovery. The whole period for recovery might take few months and patients shouldn’t have heavy physical activity in order to get the best results from the knee replacement surgery in Singapore. If you are part of medical tourism in the country, we strongly recommend you to have a sightseeing before the surgery.

After the surgery, it is a good idea to have someone who can help you with walking. Most people use walkers or cane but they are hardly enough. Have in mind that you are not able to climb stairs so avoid them and move to sleep on the first floor if your house has more floors. Make bathroom suitable for your condition as adding handrails and shower seat. In addition, you might remove every piece of furniture that you will bum into it. Knee replacement surgery is important but recovery is more important and you should be extremely careful not to damage surgeon’s work.