Jessner’s Chemical Peels in Singapore

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Face skin is a big part of how attractive is one man for others. All skin problems are unpleasant but if you are still young and your skin doesn’t support you, it is a disaster. Most children struggle with acne and acne scars. Sunbathing doesn’t help and cosmetic products effect is different on different skins. Cleaning your skin is not an easy job and most men and women just rush it too fast. Of course, we don’t judge because people don’t have time to pay attention to their families and friends so skin care is not as important. Thankfully, dermatologists have created chemical peelings to help people get rid of acne, scars, sun spots and wrinkles. Jessner’s Chemical Peels is one type of peels that dermatologists have used 80 years already.

In Singapore, most people have sensitive skin. Tropical climate effects on skin, too. You can easily make a difference between people who live in Singapore and people who live in the Arctic, for example. Dr. Max Jessner, who used the treatment to detox skin more easily, has created Jessner’s Chemical Peels, tells us from where they provide the procedure.

Who can use Jessner’s Chemical Peels?

If you want to clean in deep your skin, and now you are reading this because you need more information, you should go and book an appointment with a dermatologist. He will tell you if your skin is suitable for Jessner’s Chemical Peels or not. The treatment is as strong as many layers are applied to the patient’s skin. If you don’t need very deep peel then the dermatologist will apply one layer only.

What is in Jessner’s Chemical Peels?

Jessner’s Chemical Peels contains resorcinol, a beta hydroxy acid, and an alpha hydroxy acid. Sometimes resorcinol is changed with phenol because some people are allergic. Although, this little trouble with some people, this type of peel is completely safe. Of course, there is no pleasant peeling so it is uncomfortable and your skin becomes red but it works.

What Jessner’s Chemical Peels can help with?

This treatment can save your skin from acne, hyperpigmentation and age spots. Upper layers of your skin are peeled so your body can create fresh and clean new skin. Skin rejuvenation is a downtime but it is not a long one. The average downtime is 2, 3 days during your skin will be red and irritated. We have dead cells, sebum, and makeup which stuffed clean skin daily. That’s why even if you clean your skin every night, it may not look completely clean. Every day, there are hundreds of microscopic dirty cells, that damage our skin. Imagine that you live next to a road or have to get out to the local store. Polluted air is damaging your skin cells moment you get outside.

Jessner’s Chemical Peels has found a way how to improve skin condition with almost no efforts. It has antibacterial properties and a total amount of procedures that patients can have is 2 per month. More than 2 procedures per month, means that the skin will not heal properly and next peel will not have a maximum effect.

There are other chemical peels but Jessner’s one is the best for Asian type skin in Singapore. Every professional dermatologist will recommend this treatment if you need some improvements. Acne is common skin problem so there are many people who benefit from Jessner’s chemical peels. However, if you have to consult with a dermatologist, try to find a specialist in this area and share with him all your medical history.