International Preschool or not

international preschool
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Every parent faces the dilemma of choosing or skipping preschool for his children. Of course, other options are available too, like daycare or a nanny. Today we will tell you a little about pros and cons of international preschools just to have them in mind while choosing the best option for your family. Being a parent is hard enough not to mention additional decisions like choosing the right education and classes. We are here to help you with the decision.

What is the purpose of preschools?

Preschools, like GEMS, have to provide a strong learning environment. That’s why usually educators are with a lot of experience and accreditations. Daycare centers have lower limitations in front of not so experienced educators. In other words, the quality of cares is higher. Of course, every rule has at least one exception so there is a chance to find a daycare center with experienced teachers, too.

What are benefits of preschools?

Preschools include educational activities. For example, every daycare includes naptime, lunchtime etc. while preschools have focused on learning. Usually, children who participate in preschools have better foundations in reading and speaking. Educational activities are games because children can understand this type of knowledge easier. It might seem as not enough intellectual for adults but it for children it’s a lot.

In addition, the preschool group has more than one teacher so children are supervised be many people. Regulations in preschools can be tight so your children will benefit from the order and the calm environment. The director of the school usually supervises the complete educational process.

Other benefits are social relationships with other children. Playing, learning or communicating children become more sociable. This can be an advantage and disadvantage at the same time but controlled by good educators it should be an advantage, only. Knowing how to communicate one child becomes more open-minded and fearless.



What are the disadvantages of an international preschool?

There is a limited time for drop-off and pick up. If parents stuck in traffic or a late at work, there are monetary penalties. Sometimes parents can’t bear the limitations. If you think, this is too limiting, you may find out where other parents live and cooperate with them for picking children. This is a good opportunity for big cities.

The price of an international preschool can be too high. Higher quality of education is more expensive always. In addition, there could be some additional fees, like learning materials, uniforms etc. In fact, the cost of international preschool education could be twice bigger than a daycare center. The good news is that some preschools have scholarships so parents don’t have to worry too much.

Another thing parents should be really careful with is early categorization. Children are too young to master how to express their feelings and sometimes aggression and social stigmas can acquire. There are good signs that can show this particular behavior. For example, if your child is too quiet and loses interest in his favorite subject. The most powerful sign is lack of enthusiasm. If you notice one of these things, try to speak with him or her and find out where the problem is.

International preschool has their pros and cons. In fact, the most important thing is to realize what you want for your children and to have a clear view. My advice is to visit several preschools and to feel their atmosphere. If you are feeling calm there, your child will feel this way, too.