How to protect your back properly

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How to protect your back properly
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If you don’t take proper care of you backbones you will end in the physiotherapist’s office complaining of a severe back pain. Human back carries kilos every day constantly sometimes we make it work harder with some of our habits or underestimation of the complexity of our bone structure. Imagine that you have to work 12 hours and rest 12 hours but in your resting hours your bed is so uncomfortable that you can’t sleep at all. That’s how the human back feels when we don’t rest properly. The only one signal that human body can send us is back pain. That’s why we gathered in one place some back pain treatments that will help you stay away from physiotherapy in Singapore. However, if you are experiencing serious back pain then it is a better idea to book an appointment with the physiotherapists at and to check your condition instead of looking for information online.

Back contains more than just bones

Human back has a complex structure from bones, cartilages, nerves, ligaments, etc. Every movement stretches or shrinks some parts in order to allow the body to move in the specific direction. Nerves are the cause to feel pain because if something is not right with our back they send a signal to the brain. They are the envoys but most often, they are not the reason for the pain.

Why your back is so delicate?

As we said, the skeletal structure is very complex and that is the reason why physiotherapists are so good specialists and know so much about the human body. Sometimes stress and bad posture can thin away back muscles and ligaments so you will suffer certain back pain almost immediately when your body realizes that you are not in a good shape.

What can I do to prevent back pain?

Do you think abs are sexy? It doesn’t matter actually because they are healthy for your back. Most sports guys train not only abs but back muscles, too. This way the body core is ready to carry more weight if it is necessary. Core strength can save you from injuries and will increase the quantity of blood in your back. Physiotherapists recommend having a regime with light exercise for your back daily. You can give yourself 10 minutes on the floor and your back will be thankful.

What is the proper posture?

Yes, posture is next mistaken thing. People have degenerative disks because their whole life goes with bad posture and its disadvantages. Ergonomic chairs help a lot but you have to remember to move your body from time to time. If you need, you can use an alarm. The best posture comes from the shoulders. Move them back and down and you will feel how your back takes the right posture by itself.

How to lift heavy objects?

Your lower back is strong but your butt is stronger. Every time when you have to lift some heavy box try to squat with your butt like you are sitting and lifted this way. Your waist will be safe and you will be able to complete your task seamlessly.

Stretch your hamstrings.

Physiotherapists in Singapore recommend stretching hamstrings every time when you feel back pain. Hamstrings can reduce the pressure in the lower back because they are connected to the pelvis. However, if you don’t know how to do that better book an appointment for physiotherapist in Singapore, and he will show you the best exercises that will relieve the pain.