Face fillers – a short guide

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Face fillers – a short guide

No one can run away from aging. Years are passing by, and we find ourselves using more and more cosmetic products. The cosmetic industry knows how vulnerable most women are after a certain age. According to a research, a bigger part of women has tried more permanent treatment than creams and lotions nowadays. Depending on the results that women have chasing there is different dermal fillers, Botox, and face lift surgery. Of course, not everyone is open-minded enough to lie down under the knife so these people are looking for a compromise solution. Face fillers are exactly this — enough permanent to save time instead of losing time applying heavy make up every day and enough non-invasive.

Because the procedure is almost non-invasive, the risks are minimal. They are injected for seconds and the results are noticeable immediately. Face fillers, like these in sgbeautyblog.com, are called lunch-time procedures because you can have them during your lunchtime break. They will smooth your wrinkles and will hide the aging traces for at least couple months. Because there is no recovering time, people will hardly notice that you have some treatment done, except if you don’t tell them, of course. Not only they will hide your true age but face filler can be really helpful with a fight against the scars and marks. Different kinds of burn can be influenced, too. According to the quantity of the filler and its volume, it can change the look of your face. Imagine that you have really thin lips, fillers can increase their size and your face will look smaller compared to your lips. Fillers can make your cheeks chubby and youthful, again. We like more people who look healthy and their cheeks are big and red. That is the reason why women use makeup blush powder or their base is darker on the cheek area. This effect is not the one, you should underestimate. Healthy big cheeks are always fashionable.

There are plenty of types fillers so we have made a brief guide, explaining how they work.

The most famous type is hyaluronic acid filler.

Hyaluronic acid works amazingly under our skin. It fills and lubricates the skin while increasing the volume of the face where is needed. Hyaluronic acid filler lasts from several months to three years depending on the body of the patient. These face fillers usually are used for lips, wrinkles, and wounds. There is an additional advantage — they stimulate patient’s body to produce its own collagen. A lot of women have chosen this type of filler.

Filler made of collagen

Usually, for this type of filler is used collagen extracted from animals. It has the most natural looking effect because it has a connective tissue. Unfortunately, collagen filler lasts only several months which is a big disadvantage. Another downside is that it could cause an allergic reaction so it is strictly forbidden to use it before an allergic test.

Synthetic fillers are not so popular.

Scientists have created fillers from synthetic ingredients. They are not very popular because if something goes wrong with them the results are not reversible. Their long-lasting effect is advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

Filler from your own fat

The doctor takes a fat from your own thigh and injects it in your face. Surprisingly the effect looks less natural than after using collagen filler. The results are not permanent. According to the researchers, the patient will see the difference several months only.

Sculptra dermal filler

This filler is made of poly-L-lactic acid. Lactic acid is the ingredient which our muscles produce after exercising. Sculptra filler is made by animal cells and it degradable after several months. It lasts 2 years but it is highly possible the patient needs more than one treatment at the beginning.