Eye bag surgery – the answer you are looking for!

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I don’t know what you are thinking of them but I hated my eye bags. Every single morning it took me more than an hour to recover and look like a normal person. Imagine how afraid I was to wake up to a cute boy if there is a chance he to notice how loose my eyelids were. Yep, this is totally not cool when you are in your 20s. My mom gave me some of her creams and I have used them regularly. But they have effect only during the day. When I fell asleep and woke up … again my eyelids are trying to touch the floor.

My best friend always made jokes that I am like the ugly duck every morning and become a swan at noon.

Most people thought that every night I drank too much alcohol and my body can’t cope with it still. Yep, there were jokes about that, too. I have tried every mask you can imagine reducing the size of my lower eyelids permanently. Of course, our skin and organism don’t work like this. We can’t feed our skin with collagen and tell it “receive it and use it to tighten this sacks”. Masks had a temporal effect every time and on the next morning, I see myself in the mirror disappointed. It had to end I repeated to myself and have tried another mask. Let me tell you something, yes cucumber is refreshing, coconut oil is cool, but nothing will work like a plastic surgery.

Doctor Samuel Ho has done my eye bag surgery in Singapore and it’s posted on Bagsundereyescauses.com. I booked an appointment and my mom came with me. He explained me very carefully every aspect of this surgery. He told me that usually elder people need this treatment due to too much sun exposing or too visible signs of ageing, but he had 13 years old patient, too. Some guys are just not lucky enough and have genes for eye bags. However, eye bag surgery is not very complex but it is still a surgery. The microscopic CO2 laser is used to cut the lower eyelid and to reduce the fat. It should be really precise movement because removing too much fat will make the eyes look like floating in an empty hole. Of course, removing too little fat will not optimal result and the patient will have eye bags. The incision is made from the inside of the lower eyelid and there are no visible scars. At first, I didn’t understand fully the procedure and I thought I will have a scar under my eyes. Actually, I was ready to do it, even if there is a scar.

Because a laser is used, there are no stitches. My other concern was whether my eye form will be changed because I like my eyes — hate only the loose skin under. Doctor Samuel Ho explains to me that this surgery can’t change the shape of my eyes even if I have wanted. I was glad that I could ask him every stupid question I had in my mind. This was my first surgery ever and I wanted to know everything.

I didn’t have too much time to recover from my eyebag surgery in Singapore. Actually, I came back to my social life after 4 days, and they were complete enough. My friends were amazed how many signs there were that I have had a procedure. Of course, they know long before I booked my appointment with Doctor Samuel Ho in Singapore. However, I don’t know why I have waited so long. Now every morning my eyes look ordinary without loose skin and ugly lower eyelids thanks to the eyelid surgery in Singapore.