Different types of acne scars

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What is worse than acne? Yes, you are totally right — Acne scars. As long as puberty exists, acne will be a part of it. Unfortunately, it leaves very ugly scars and people fight with them all their lives. Our skin is very important part of our body. Half of our efforts are pointed to improving its condition and look. If there are scars and marks from acne, the task becomes twice harder. As you may know, not only puberty cause acne, there are plenty of reasons that follow people, too. For example, women have acne during their pregnancy or after some stressful event in their life.

There are a lot of tools who are famous that are fighting against acne and acne scars. Cosmetic products, like creams and gels, are cheap but not as effective as Мissysharont.com acne scar removal treatment. We have gathered some information on different types of acne scars. If you want to remove them, It will help you to understand easily what type of procedure you are going to need.

So-called ice pick scars caused by acne.

Ice pick scars are very deep holes in the skin. They look like little craters caused by stubbing. Of course, acne is the culprit, not some ice pick. However, the real reason is that sebaceous gland openings were infected and the skin couldn’t heal properly. This is possible when skin lacks enough collagen to restore its previous condition. These scars are the hardest to treat. One possible way to get rid of acne scars in Singapore is to cut the existing scar and to suture it. Another method is to implant healthy skin from the patient and laser treat it for better results. A great method is this one which stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen. This is a healthy way of coping with this kind of acne scar.

Boxcar scars caused by acne.

They are deep holes but wider holes. The lack of collagen is the main reason of their existing. Specialists recommend therapies that force our body to produce more collagen and to heal the holes. There is nothing more natural than our body response to healing. Radiofrequency is often used for acne scar removal treatments. Most specialists combine it with ultrasound treatment for best results. Another method is injecting filler in order to smooth the edges and to improve the look of the skin. Some fillers have the ability to make our bodies to produce collagen naturally.

Rolling scars.

Rolling scars are tiny scars that look like little valleys. Specialists recommend micro fat injections and micro needling. The second treatment causes more collagen to be created from our bodies. The final goal is a creation of the collagen layer under the scar and to fill it from the inside. Of course, this is not possible with one treatment only. Patients need several procedures before there are some visible results. It is not a surprise because skin care usually takes a lot of efforts and time but this is the price of young and fresh look.

Hyperpigmentation caused by acne.

Acne causes skin inflammation and hyperpigmentation is the result of it. The best treatment is with hydroquinone and sunblock because the sun can damage darker spots more. Another method which is often used is to remove acne scars in Singapore with treatment with glycolic acid products. If the goal is not accomplished, the laser is the second option.