Chiropractic – is it safe?

Female doctor and senior patient
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What happens when you visit a Chiropractor in Singapore?

You have a back pain and you have asked your general practitioner what to do. He recommended you to go to chiropractic if you want a permanent solution because painkillers will reduce pain but will do nothing with the causes. Of course, your first job is to find on the web what exactly that is. As you can imagine the internet is full of people who admire or hate things no matter they don’t understand them fully in depth. If you look on the web, you will think that Chiropractor is some unprofessional doctor who is trying to break your bones. This is totally wrong!

Visiting a Chiropractor in Singapore is like visiting every healthcare provider. He is a doctor, and he has studied long days and nights in order to provide the best care. In his office, there should be a big bed with different attachments. This is needed because chiropractor will treat your musculoskeletal injuries while you are in specific positions. Most people think that chiropractic in Singapore is a grey area in the medicine – it is not. This service is totally legal and people are specialists in human nerves and skeleton. There are plenty of resources where it is proven that spinal manipulations can reduce back pain in different parts of the back.

Very important is to book an appointment to see Chiropractor and ask him every question that bothers you (see the list of 6 essential facts about chiropractor on If you have a back pain, your chiropractor will ask you several questions. Have in mind that you should ask honestly, no lies are allowed because he will heal your back structure and nerves depending on your answers and explanations. It is highly possible to draw your body on a piece and paper and to mark places where you feel discomfort.

Why should you tell him your medical history?

Medical history is extremely important because you could have some complications due to previous injuries or illnesses. Although you tell all you know about your medical condition, your chiropractor will want to examine you. First, he will make a routine physical exam which will show him your whole condition. Second, he will examine your spine and places you feel pain. You should not be surprised if he asks you to move, jump or show your muscles. Orthopedic and neurological tests are included, too.

People think that Chiropractic in Singapore can cause a stroke or torn arteries. No, this is simply not possible. Every manipulation, provided by an experienced chiropractor has limits. Spinal manipulations are very well estimated and there is no movement that is going to damage more than it will help. Chiropractic is a medicine and it has risks, but they are not as dangerous as risks after a heart surgery, for example.

A popular practice is developing a treatment plan with your goals. Of course, goals should be discussed with your chiropractor because there are things can’t be done no matter how good the doctor is. Most people who visit a chiropractor in Singapore just want to get rid of some back pain or neck pain. Adjustments are what your chiropractor will do with your body — these are controlled forced manipulations in a specific direction. Spine, ankles, wrists or every structure can be manipulated. Every adjustment is manual so you should be prepared. If you don’t like it, there are some non-force techniques with more limited effect.