Blepharoplasty in Singapore – a short guide


As people, we appreciate beautiful faces and bodies but the first place we look is eyes of the people. There are plenty stories and religions where eyes are a centre of our existence. Of course, we know that there are more important parts of heart and liver, for example. We can change the colour of our eyes if we desire to have blue eyes or greenish, changing their form is not so easy, though. It is possible after blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

Although plastic surgeries are popular these days, they are not cheap. Double eyelid surgery cost in Singapore is between USD 3 000 and USD 4 000, have looked deep into clinics pricelists. Of course, if you need improvement only of your upper or lower eyelid the price is USD 1500. According to a research, there are plastic surgeries that are way more expensive than the double eyelid. Have in mind that if it is complex surgery and involves facelift the price will be different. Some people prefer to do everything at once because they will save money from second anaesthesia.

The recovery time is longer but the patient recovers once not twice.

However, blepharoplasty is not provided only for cosmetic reasons, some people need this surgery because their eyelids prevent their vision. Doctor Samuel Ho explains that double eyelid surgery purpose is to cut the skin around patient’s eyes. In addition, the surgeon can remove excess fat, too. Before the procedure face of the patient should be examined carefully because changing the skin tightness can deform the face. Experienced doctors, like Doctor Samuel Ho, will pay attention to the position of brows and cheeks.

Double eyelid surgery can help the patient to reduce the visible traces of ageing easily. The surgeon will take care of facial proportions and harmony. It involves not only wrinkles and loose eyes but a tired-looking face and droopy eyelids. Techniques which are used — they are the final product of years of the examination until the perfection is accomplished. Today we have blepharoplasty which is a successful weapon against ageing and low self-esteem.

Very important part of this procedure is the patient’s medical history. Have in mind that the surgeon should know in depth all the diseases that patient has had. In addition, he should know about medications and pills that the patient is received recently. If the patient has corneal refractory surgery then double eyelid surgery should be postponed for at least 6 months. If the patient has a history of having a dry eye, then some additional tests should be provided. A good idea is before the surgery periorbital area to be examined. The results will show the quality of the skin and the skeletal support.

Upper eyelid surgery is needed when the elasticity of the skin is lost due to ageing or other factors.

Unfortunately, it just happens when we age. If the patient has his old photos where the eyes are captured closely, the surgeon can try to give back the previous younger look of the eyelid area. It is possible the position of the eyebrows to be changed when the skin is tightened.

Very interesting fact is that lower eyelid fat is more obvious when the gaze is from upper point according to a lower point. So if you want to make a selfie without your lower eyelid fat, then you should take it from a lower point. Of course, here the lack of elasticity and collagen is the main reason again. Fortunately, laxity can be fought with lower eyelid surgery in Singapore.

Have in mind that there is no matter if you have to improve your upper or lower eyelid, you should present all your medical history to your surgeon. In order to have better results, it is essential to find an experienced doctor who you can trust.