Bespoke Suits – The Difference Between Made To Measure And Bespoke

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Bespoke Suits – The Difference Between Made To Measure And Bespoke
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People who are professional tailors probably know the difference between Bespoke suits and Made to Measure but for the rest of us, this topic is difficult. There are a few significant differences, and we will discuss them below.

There are different patterns

Clothes have sizes, right? Imagine that you are 38 size but sometimes 38 is too big or too small so you always have to try them before buying. Made to measure suits are suits that follow the original size chart but the tailor makes some changes. For example, he/she will take your measurements and will modify the suit. What is a bad sign? If your tailor takes less than 6-7 measurements, don’t expect your suit to become a masterpiece. Bespoke suits, like these from Graziaa, have a completely different pattern. Tailors don’t modify the standard size – they create a totally individual size. They don’t only measure your body, they have in mind things, like nuances of the body, slopes and arches.

The number of fittings is different

Made to measure suits don’t require regular fittings during the sewing process. The client has to go for a fitting when the suit is ready. At this point, a tailor could make some slight changes. Don’t forget that he made the suit with the initial measures imposed on standard size.

Bespoke suits require the client to visit the tailor office for fittings more often. Every fitting has its own name and includes different techniques – the skeleton baste fitting, the forward, the fin bar fin – all of them intended to adjust the suit as precisely as possible. Sometimes tailors reach up to 8 fittings for one suit. Exclusiveness takes time.

How many mills you can choose from?

Tailors which offer made to measure suits usually have only 1-2 mills. Clients should choose one of them, while tailors of bespoke suits have at least 10 mills.

The design

Made to measure suits are different but not exactly. People can choose between different options like the style of pockets, the number of buttons and the button-stance or pant pleats. However, the list with modifications is limited so clients can’t change drastically the basic model.

Bespoke suits are created to be modified. Clients have to choose everything from the bottom to the top of the suit. That is amazing because they might choose whatever they want without any limitations.

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Who will meet the client and take his measurements?

In made to measure suits usually, a person who meets clients is a store worker. He knows how to take measures and how to explain the process of tailoring. He won’t make the suit but he will send the measurements to the master tailor.

Tailors who make bespoke suits are meeting their clients in person. They take measurements and discuss the design of the suit. Read up on this article in order to know how to tell your tailor what you need and want from the suit.

Bespoke suits have never been cheap because they are intended for people who want to wear something exclusive. Unfortunately, exclusiveness is expensive. Made to measure suits are garment in the middle of the bespoke suits and those in the stores. They are slightly more expensive than those in the stores but cheaper than bespoke suits. However, the greatest quality is hiding in bespoke suits, not in other variations of suits. That’s why bespoke suits will never be mass produced.

Of course, there are exceptions and some bespoke suits are terribly designed and tailored, while there are made to measure suits which are masterpieces. That’s why choosing the best tailor is essential if you want to wear a suit which is not only unique but perfect fits you.