Art classes for kids – non-standart techniques

painting art classes for kids
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Children love art no matter what is the parent’s attitude about it. First interactions with the world are through art – ever child draw, right? Art classes for kids will develop their persistence and creativity with a variety of fun and meaningful games. OK, probably they are not exactly games, but more like projects. Don’t be surprised, if your kid comes back home holding an amazing drawing, art classes will develop great talents in every single kid.

Of course, children enjoy drawing with crayons and watercolours, but the real fun comes with non-standard methods of painting. In the coolest art projects, markers and pencils are hidden and children experience art with their fingers and brain. Sometimes they use what they have to achieve the results they want.

We will show you several fun projects for art classes for kids.

Although in Singapore there are many schools and international preschools that have art classes for kids like Muzart Learning Centre you could do these projects at home, too.

What are the coolest drawing techniques for art classes for kids?

Sometimes using what you have to express yourself on a piece of paper is the best option. Children in art classes in Singapore master the knowledge that they should express themselves properly and in details if they want other people to understand them. In painting, it is interesting how children execute their ideas with unusual substances, like melted wax, shaving cream and even food colouring. Exploring and creating will allow your children to be adaptive to new circumstances. As you probably know, more adaptive people are ones that are more successful.

  • Use of alcohol
    No, we are not talking about that glass of wine you hide in the fridge, we are talking about alcohol that will melt colours of markers. Let your child to pain whatever he wants. Then give him a sponge soaked in alcohol and tell him to rub the paper. The effect will be amazing. When the child gets familiar with the technique, he certainly will want to try to mess around more paintings.
  • Use water to make chalks creamy
    Chalks are great when they are dry but wet chalks are greater. Kids love the feeling of wet chalks and the colours they left. Make sure you have separated water tanks for every chalk. Water tank could be a small glass or a plastic container from food. Don’t leave chalks in water for too long. You will notice that the chalk will become darker – this is the perfect time to get it out from the water. We promise you that you will be able to create a masterpiece thanks to this art advice.
  • Paper towel
    Unlikely usual paper, paper towel absorbs water differently. The colours on the paper and their saturation will fascinate children. Give your child watercolours but find a way to make them more watery. For example, move them in other boxes and add few drops of water to every dye. Next step is an easy one – give your kid a brush and watch his efforts. Watercolours on paper towel look beautiful. Make sure there is nothing valuable under the paper towel because it will soak wet.
  • Cork stamp flowers
    Using what you have to make art is a great thing. For next project, you will need corks and acrylic paints. As we mentioned, you will need corks – as many as you have. Paint all of them with different colours and tie them with a band. Easy peasy! Give them to your child to stamp flowers on a piece of paper or on your wall. No, we are kidding about the wall. Another method is first to squeeze paint on the paper and then stamp it. This way you may have a variety of colours. In every art class, educators give this assignment to children, because it is fun and creative and all that is left is a beautiful garden with flowers. Probably, some coloured hands, too.